24 Setembro, 2014

O Conselho Internacional de enfermeiros (ICN)  toma posição pública em defesa dos enfermeiros portugueses e solidariza-se com a Greve:

Dear colleagues,

I am writing in relation to the current two-day strike by nurses in Portugal organised by the Sindicato dos Enfermeiros Portugueses.

The International Council of Nurses (ICN) is very much aware of the difficult situation in your country where there is a shortage of about 25,000 nurses. As ICN President, I clearly stated when visiting your country in July this year that ‘it is imperative that human resources planning is based on the needs of the population in order to protect the health of the population and invest in the future of the country.’

1 – ICN expects nurses to have equitable remuneration and decent working conditions, including a safe environment and a safe level of staffing. As employees, nurses have the right to organise, to bargain collectively, and to take industrial action.

2 – We believe that strike action is considered the measure of last resort; to be taken only after all other possible means to conclude an agreement have been explored and utilised. We also strongly maintain that, during a strike, a minimum essential service to the general public must be maintained.

On behalf of the ICN, let me state my sincere hope that you are able to quickly resolve this situation and engage in a thorough discussion with your Government in order to reinstate a safe level of staffing and improve the working conditions of nurses.

Yours sincerely,

Judith Shamian -President – International Council of Nurses